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Viewing Student Work

In a community, it is possible to view all work submitted by a particluar student or view all student work submitted for a designated assignment.  The community also contains profile information for each student.

To view work and student profile information for a community, first click on the Moderator icon.

Moderator Button

Next, choose the community.  When the community loads, you will see the dashboard for that community.

Select a Community


Viewing all work submitted by a student

The community dashboard selects the Members tab by default.  On the Members page, click on the box for one of the students.

Viewing a Student


This will display that student's profile page for the community. You will be able to see their name, email, and last activity date, along with any Projects created from Career Success or shared in the community.

Viewing the Students Work


Viewing all submissions for an assignment

It is also possible to view all work submitted for a particular assignment.  Clicking on the Submissions tab will display all of the assignments that have been created for the community.

Submissions Tab


Students who have submitted that assignment will appear below. Click the numbered submission to review their work. You can send feedback using the Comment button. If a student has submitted this assignment multiple times, each submission will also appear here.

Viewing Work on Submissions Tab


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